The Essential Guide to The 2021 Outsourcing Landscape
the outsourcing landscape

Sometimes you just need all the information in a quick and easy to access format, so we have made The 2021 Essential Guide to the Outsourcing Landscape on a single page to help you.

It covers everything you need to know about:

  • Outsourcing models – onshore, nearshore, offshore and hybrid.
  • Time-zones and the offsets from GMT for some key outsourcing locations around the world.
  • Project documentation – functional specification, non-functional requirements, contracts, proposals, supplier assessments.
  • Supplier selection – specialist skills, compatibility with your business, flexibility.
  • Team growth– internal, external, hybrid options.
  • Approach – time and materials, fixed cost, staff augmentation.
  • Communication – tools, roles and reporting.

The 2021 Essential Guide to The Outsourcing Landscape

the essential guide to the outsourcing landscape
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