Services from can provide the following services to support and assist you outsourcing IT and development projects of all types, onshore, nearshore, offshore.


Outsourcing Consultancy

Consultancy and advice on options and planning for outsourcing a software development or IT project. Discussion of all the types of outsourcing, terminology and pros and cons for your scenario.


Programme Management

Act as UK onshore management bridge to your selected nearshore or offshore supplier. Whether it is a new project about to commence or an existing one that needs additional support we can help.

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Technical Management

Full or part time management of an outsourcing project. From engagement at key times, regular milestone reviews, performance and improvement reviews, supplier management and discussions.


Process Review

A thorough review of your process and how it is being adopted in your organisation and the supplier. Identification of any areas of concern and options for further improvement.


Quality Review

Consultancy and advice on current quality processes in your development techniques. Review and check on test techniques in use. Perform regular analysis and review or one off support if you are encountering issues.


Outsourcing Support

Ongoing support over a period time to help you search and engage an outsourcing partner.


Directory Of Suppliers

A directory of worldwide outsourcing suppliers who can perform software development and IT projects. Covers onshore, nearshore and offshore companies.


Outsourcing Information

Information on the various worldwide locations that outsourcing suppliers are based. Details on timezones and how to ensure you plan ahead to overcome potential issues with communication.


Development Hub

Information on the various types of software development. Covering software tools, processes, hosting environments.

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uk flag does not provide outsourced development or IT staff, however it can help explain the market, assist with planning, preparation, perform reviews at any stage, or even act as a UK based onshore bridge to your chosen supplier.

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