Living Documentation
living documentation

A series of articles on Living Documentation and how information for requirements, architecture and design can be included in the project codebase or augmented into the software itself.

The outputs from forward engineering (Requirements then Analysis then Deisgn then Code then Test) or reverse engineering (Code to Diagrams) or maintenance (Code-test cycle) are key information for engineers to access. Documentation is often overlooked and hard to find so tightly embedding it in the source code or alongside can significantly help. From basic sidecar files through to more middle weight templates such as c4 or arc42 these approaches are valuable to everyone on the team.

There are lots of small tools and techniques that can be combined to create Living Documentation but it is a rapidly evolving area and only recently has a thorough book been published. These articles and the book will help a reader understand the cocnepts, and see some real life examples.

Living Documentation Series of Articles

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