Timezone information.

CountryTimezone (Winter)TimeTimezone (Summer) / DSTTime
West Coast, USAPacific Standard Time PSTUTC – 8Pacific Daylight Time PDTUTC – 7
Central, USACentral Time CTUTC – 6Central Daylight Time CDTUTC – 5
East Coast, USA (US)Eastern Standard Time ESTUTC – 5Eastern Standard Time EDTUTC – 4
United Kingdon (UK)Greenwich Mean Time GMTUTC+0British Summer Time (BST)UTC + 1
UkraineEastern European Time EETUTC + 3Eastern European Summer Time EESTUTC + 2
India (IN)Indian Standard Time (IST)UTC + 5:30Indian Standard Time (IST)UTC + 5:30

Best Time To Call …

India from UK

  • 9am to 12:30pm UK time (is 2.30pm to 6pm in India)