The following is a list of terminology you may find useful.

Term or AbbreviationDescription
AWSAmazon Web Services
AzureMicrosoft cloud service
AGILEAn iterative approach to software development
APNAmazon Partner Network
B2BBusiness to business
B2CBusiness to consumer
BenchUnallocated staff at a supplier, typically waiting between projects. Availability of bench staff allows supplier to respond rapidly and be flexible.
ContractA written agreement that is binding between the two parties (client and supplier), that descibres the task, rates and conditions associated with the work and payment.
Fixed PriceA predetermined charge for a specific piece of work. The client benefits from a known price for the task, and any risk is borne by the supplier. In return the supplier will factor the extra risk into the cost.
FreelancerSIngle person that operates as an individual to provide resourcing or work on small projects.
FPFixed Price
HOTHeads of Terms
HybridThe supplier operates a mixed model where the majority of the work is done by offshore teams but one or more staff are are onshore or often in the clients office to facilitate communciation.
ISOInternational Standards organsiation
ISO9001ISO standard for Quality Management System
ISO27001ISO standard for Information Security Management System
LessLarge scale scrum, an agile framework.
MPNMicrosoft Partner Network
NDANon disclosure agreement
NearshoreThe supplier is located in a geographic region that is not in the same country but not as far away as offshore. Typically a UK client would consider Europe as nearshore.
OnshoreThe work is done by a team located in the area/country the client is based.
OffshoreThe supplier development team is located in a different country, often a significant distance away, further than nearshore. Example a UK company would consider an Indian supplier as offshore.
OutsourceOutsourcing refers to the process of giving work or a project to a 3rd party outside of the client business, regardless of the geogrpahy the supplier is located in.
kanbanA development framework that is an agile approach, and is primarily concerned with managing work in progress.
Resource poolUnallocated staff at a supplier, typically waiting between projects. Availability of bench staff allows supplier to respond rapidly and be flexible.
SafeScaled agile framework at enterprise scale.
scrumA development framework that follows the AGILE approach.
Shadow resourceSupplier staff that are not billed but are in resever for a specific project or mirroring/shadowing billable resources ready to quickly step in if required.
T&MTime and Materials
100% resourcingThe supplier guarantees to provide a specified number of staff at all times, and hence will have shadow resources ready to fill in for staff holidays/absence/training leave etc.
WaterfallA software development methodology, where the requirements and design are done completely at the start of the project and then coding and testing are completed in a linear sequence.