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Located in central Europe, borders Denmark, Poland , Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Population of 83 million

 Germany is a federal state of 16 constituent states (Lander), each state has a capital which are Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Potsdam, Bremen, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Schwein, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Mainz, Saarbrücken, Dresden, Magdeburg, Kiel, Erfurt. The capital city is Berlin. Major airports include Frankfurt and Munich. The largest cities are Berlin (3.6m pop), Hamburg (1.8m pop), Munich (1.4m pop), Cologne (1m pop), Frankfurt (753k), Sttutgart (634k), Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Dortmund and Essen.

The international dialling code is +49

germany flag

The German flag consists of  three equal horizontal bands of colour, black on top with red below it and yellow at the bottom.

Berlin time is CET (Central European time) UTC + 1 hours

There is an adjustment of an hour for Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the summer.

The EURO is the official currency of Estonia.

Currency code EUR

Currency Symbol

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