Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is a way for creators/inventors to protect their work through a variety of legal approaches, when outsourcing a project to a third party due care and consideration needs to be given to these areas. Even before a supplier is formally engaged any IP should be protected through use of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before any details are discussed.

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Patents protect an innovation so that a product or service can be protected from others copying or making it. In return the full design is made public and this gives the originator to the right for a period of time. For further information visit:

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Applies to words, phrases, symbols or logo used to identify a product. Trademarks have to be registered. They are identified with the trademark symbol, uppercase TM.

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The originator of a creative work (music, picture, image) has the right for a fixed period of time to publish, produce, perform the work. It does not have to be registered, A copyright work is identified by use of the copyright symbol, lowercase 'c' in a circle. ©

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Trade Secrets

A process or technique a company uses , that is not publicly known. A company will take active steps to keep secret its designs, formulas.

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