Claiming a Listing

This article describes how to claim a listing for your business and identify yourself as the owner of that business so you can edit and update the entry information.

1 Search or Browse to your Listing, and scroll to bottom of the page and click Claim Now

2 If you are not Signed Then Sign In Or Register

3 Register as a New User

Follow the instructions to register as a new user (this is a free process).

4 Login As A User

Follow the instructions to login (sign in).

5 Click Claim Now Button

6 Enter Information About yourself and Verification You Are The Owner

Please enter information to prove you are the rightful owner or person responsible for that business/website. Ideally if your email matches the domain of your website e.g. for your business that has a site at

Also choose the price plan level you require (you can select a free plan at this stage).

7 Wait for your claim to be checked and approved

This could take upto 24 hours, if you need to check the status of your claim please contact our support team.