Add a Rating

To add rating (score between 1 and 5) for a supplier, follow these simple steps. A high score is a good indication, so 5 is very good and 1 is not good. And a middle value of 2-3 shows a satisfactory approval for the supplier.

1 Navigate to the Supplier you wish to Rate

2 View Single Supplier

3 Scroll to bottom of Page

4 Sign In or Register As a Client

For further details on registering see

5 Select Number of Stars, Add Free Format Message and Click Submit

6 Edit or Remove it At A Future Date


  • It is totally FREE to sign up and submit a review about a supplier
  • Ratings can only be given for a supplier that is on a subscription level that supports ratings. If the supplier you wish to rate is on a free listing which does not support ratings then please let them know you wish to rate them if they upgrade to a paid subscription.
  • The average rating score for a supplier is shown on the all listings page and an individual listing page.
  • You can not add a review anonymously without signing in
  • Average ratings are shown to 1 decimal place
  • If there are no ratings it is scored as zero (0).