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There are often some specialists sitting on the bench at your company and waiting for another project to come. They would like to solve challenging tasks. But instead, they wait and wonder whether the proposal will appear before they get fired.

OnBench is a solution to such problems. It is the platform that helps developers on the bench find the new projects as soon as possible. And the customer companies will find here the exact development teams they want.

The algorithm is simple.

  1. Come up with the idea of the team you need to work on your project. For example, web-designer, HTML-coder, and two python developers.
  2. Open OnBench search and seek for the teams with these specialists.
  3. Having found several companies, communicate with them directly, and get the professional developers you need.
  4. Hire the team you want. As for the other company, its specialists work, develop and earn funds instead of standing still.

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