Book review – Living Documentation
living documentation

Book review – Living Documentation

A review of the Living Documentation book by Cyrille Martraire. 480 pages packed with information and examples on a fascinating subject. A great reference for any bookshelf and full of ideas in this evolving space.

Book Review – Competing With Unicorns

Review of the book “Competing with Unicorns” by Jonathan Rasmusson. After examining some team structures and processes at Spotify, comparing them with more traditional businesses it then goes on to give more specific tips and advice. Sections on how to engineer for productivity, leverage culture and learn from data give more specific direction to anyone looking for some magic for their new venture.

dynamic reteaming

Book Review – Dynamic Reteaming

Review of a book covering dynamic reteaming and the five patterns for changing structure with pragmatic advice and real world stories. The tactics for implementing these changes will be useful to any CTO, CIO, development manager, VP of engineering.