What is iBeacon and how can a business use it?
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What is iBeacon and how can a business use it?

Guest post by Sannacode. iBeacons are miniature beacons that communicate with customers’ phones within a radius of 50 meters. Thus, the institution can quickly find out regular customers, count visitors, notify about promotions and discounts, collect data on movement and frequency of visits.

ukad blog on umbraco development for an LMS

eLearning Development Using Umbraco

Guest Post by UKAD If you’ve already spent several minutes on UKAD’s blog, you should get out that we love Umbraco. Overall, i

how to successfully outsource software development

How to Successfully Outsource Software Development and IT Projects

How to successfully outsource software development and IT projects is the question that is very topical now. With changes in world, more businesses than ever are asking the question of whether they should try outsourcing in any of its flavours – onshore, offshore, nearshore ,or hybrid.

2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions blog

2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions

As an engineer I prefer to think of data and extrapolation rather than augury, hunches and omens. So consider this ramblings of guesses and conjecture from a novice soothsayer ..

h-appy laggards adopting apps due to covid blog

Are We Ending 2020 with H-Appy Laggards?

The impact of COVID has resulted in changes in laws and behaviour so reluctant technology laggards have grappled with applications and websites..

mind the gap

Mind the Communication Gap with Polysemy and Homonyms

Clear and unambiguous communication is a basic necessity to get work done for a business so it is important to understand the variety of challenges when working with international teams.

scrum guide changes

60 Second overview of SCRUM Guide 2020 Changes

A quick 60 second overview of the changes that have just been announced in November to the scrum guide, which is a document describing an agile framework for a development process that is commonly adopted in the industry.

45 year recipe for agile

Is the Recipe for an AGILE Team 45 Years Old?

When hiring more developers to create a new team and picking a blend of skills to fill the roles it caused me to reflect on a recipe that

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GROW your scrum team

The pressure is always on for more output, higher performance and to get through more work. When the boss talks about building a team, the

avoiding timezone trauma on outsourced projects