Handy Tips for Managers on The Critical Path
handy tips for managers on the critical path

Handy Tips for Managers on The Critical Path

Handy tips for managers under pressure and on the critical path of a project. Some tips and techniques for clear emails using the BLUF style and a way to prioritise your tasks using the Eisenhower matrix.

the outsourcing landscape

The Essential Guide to The 2021 Outsourcing Landscape

Overview of the 2021 outsourcing landscape, summarised as a one page essential starter sheet for anyone considering outsourcing.

everything you need to know abou using the PDCA model to improve finding an outsource supplier

Everything you need to know about Using the PDCA Model To Improve Finding An Outsource Supplier

Discover how to apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act PDCA model to find and assess outsourced development suppliers using a structured approach.

tech team expansion blueprint to scale a development team by a factor of 10

How to scale a development team by a factor of 10

Technical team blueprint to scale a development team by a factor of 10 with onboarding , team pattern, communication and supporting items

scand blog on 2021 technology trends

Software Development Trends in 2021

Guest post by SCAND. Programming trends that we can expect in 2021including native app development, the internet of things, IT staff augmentation, big data, expansion of AI, cross platform and hybrid development.

dynamic reteaming

Book Review – Dynamic Reteaming

Review of a book covering dynamic reteaming and the five patterns for changing structure with pragmatic advice and real world stories. The tactics for implementing these changes will be useful to any CTO, CIO, development manager, VP of engineering.

scand blog on ibeacon

What is iBeacon and how can a business use it?

Guest post by Sannacode. iBeacons are miniature beacons that communicate with customers’ phones within a radius of 50 meters. Thus, the institution can quickly find out regular customers, count visitors, notify about promotions and discounts, collect data on movement and frequency of visits.

ukad blog on umbraco development for an LMS

eLearning Development Using Umbraco

Guest Post by UKAD If you’ve already spent several minutes on UKAD’s blog, you should get out that we love Umbraco. Overall, i

outsource wordcloud blog

How to Successfully Outsource Software Development and IT Projects

How to successfully outsource software development and IT projects is the question that is very topical now. With changes in world, more businesses than ever are asking the question of whether they should try outsourcing in any of its flavours – onshore, offshore, nearshore ,or hybrid.

2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions blog

2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions

As an engineer I prefer to think of data and extrapolation rather than augury, hunches and omens. So consider this ramblings of guesses and conjecture from a novice soothsayer ..