Blog Article Guidance

Guidance for articles to be submitted to for inclusion on our blog.

Content Guidance

  • Articles should be to highlight a skill, specialist expertise or discussion of a new technology or use of a technology. 
  • The article should be novel and stimulating to the reader of an education or informative value.
  • The article can include links to other articles or your website 
  • It can include a small section at the end of the article covering Further Reading/Information with links to your website or how to get more information
  • It should not primarily be an advert for of a product you have created or service you offer. which has no educational or informational value or content.


  • The article should be 800 – 2000 words (approximately 3 to 6 A4 pages of plain text without images)
  • It should include sub-headings
  • A short excerpt should also be provided of 30 – 50 words summarising the article


  • Please provide images (or links to images)
  • All images must be owned or licenced for use by you in an appropriate manner.
  • Maximum of 5 images
  • One image should be identified as the main header image for the article

Submission Guidance

  • Articles should be emailed to the support team at
  • Submission must include a declaration that all work is original and you have permission to publish it.
  • Please sumbit articles either in Microsoft word plus appropriate image files, or include a link to an existing blog.
  • Previews of articles will be generated for the author to check before final publishing


  • Blogs can only be submitted by suppliers that have an appropriate plan level in place
  • All blogs must comply with Terms of Use of this website.
  • The editor reserves the right to reject any blog that is considered unsuitable
  • The editor reserves the right to adjust or amend any submission to fit within the content and visual layout guidance appropriate for the website