60 Second overview of SCRUM Guide 2020 Changes
scrum guide changes

A quick 60 second overview of the changes that have just been announced in November to the scrum guide, which is a document describing an agile framework for a development process that is commonly adopted in the industry. 

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The last version of the guide was released in 2017 and this guide include 7 main areas of change. Unusually for an update the document has got smaller by 5 pages with a reduction in complexity and prescription. The key thing is it is still scrum as we know it.

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A new addition is the product goal, which is the main goal of the product. This is called a commitment and the terminology allows the sprint goal and definition of done to be clearer in how they relate to their respective artifacts.

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The daily scrum stand-up has changed in that the framework is no longer prescribing the 3 questions (done, to do, impediments). Of course they can still be done but the new approach means other options can be used.

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The terminology has been changed to strengthen the concept of a single team, the phrase “development team” has been dropped to remove the team in a team concept. Instead it is a single team consisting of developers, scrum master and product owner.


The team is now also self-managing rather than self optimising.

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And a 3rd question has been added to sprint planning, “why is the this sprint valuable?“, adding a reason to the sprint.

The Full 2020 Scrum Guide

You can read the full guide at  https://www.scrumguides.org/scrum-guide.html

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