2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions
2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions blog

2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions or better described as guesses and conjecture from a novice soothsayer … [1]

As we start the New Year it is a good time to reflect on the previous year and events that have happened and to try to predict likely changes and patterns for the near future. As an engineer I prefer to think of data and extrapolation rather than augury, hunches and omens. I don’t have the techniques of Nostradamus but it is thought provoking to look specifically at 2021 Software Resourcing Metamorphosis Predictions and try some amateur crystal gazing.

The big and devastating event in 2020 was COVID.  This triggered a variety of changes in behaviour and actions that rippled through all ways of life. Before we examine 2021 from a software development resourcing perspective it is worth reviewing 2020 specific changes:

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Quick Review of 2020 and Software Resourcing

  • Move from office working to home working
    • Adjustment in access to technology and systems
    • Modification in the hours that people work rather than a fixed 9am to 5pm routine
    • Uptake in video conferencing
    • Increase in use of virtual whiteboards
    • Impact on lifestyle due to intense demands of working in isolation
  • Reduction in permanent staffing with redundancies in certain businesses
    • Considerations for a more flexible and responsive workforce through use of contractors and sub contract businesses
  • Focus on cost and value for money
    • Early termination of contracts with outsourcers
    • Cost reduction and rate renegotiation
  • Recruitment changes
    • Recognition that working from home allows use of remote workers and hence gives the opportunity to expand searches from local to the nationwide talent pool
  • Employment changes
    • Use of UK contractors has become more complex with the news of IR35 changes [2]
    • Postponement of the changes of IR35 from 2020 to 2021, allowed a slight delay and reprise however many businesses have now already adopted the changes in preparation [4]

So What Factors Should be Contemplated For 2021?

  • Innovation – adapt and modify  location and way of working
  • Revolution – speed of transformation
  • Agility – businesses and products must change else they will not keep up in this period of transformation
  • Novelty – elements of fun (personalised Video background anyone)?
  • Diversity – opportunity for BYOD (Bring your own desk as well as tools, network)
  • Metamorphosis – of the working environment and its relationship with staff and suppliers


My Top 5 Software Resourcing Predictions for 2021

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No. 1 – HoaaS Home Onboarding as a Service

The ability to fulfill IT requirements for remote workers through a variety of channels by providing a bespoke and personalised complete service to the home, which continues then to support that environment.

  • Either
    • Desk (of a size, shape, colour and style to match your decor) – supplied and installed
    • Chair (of various types to accommodate seating positions, physical requirements) – supplied and unwrapped
    • Computer monitor and stands – supplied and installed
  • Or
    • Solution for small space/kitchen table that can be packed away
  • Plus
    • Accessory converters and cables – to connect laptop to monitors
    • Pointing device/mouse/trackball – as per personal preference and customised for right/left hand
    • Headset/speakers/microphone as required
    • Power extension cable and leads
    • Laptop- of a specification suitable for the job and with a variety of personalisation options (Mac or Windows or Linux)

Most importantly of all:

  • Call from supplier to discuss personal requirements and plan an installation visit
  • Supply of all items in a single delivery
  • Installation and setup of equipment in the home
  • Removal of packaging
  • Handover of onboarding printed guide and contact details for further support
  • Face to face handover of credentials and sign off of working kit
  • 5G data modem or arrangement of broadband installation and wifi router
  • Follow up call to check equipment and systems are working as required
  • Remote support, remote access and control of equipment
  • 24-7 helpdesk number for fast and personalised support
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No. 2 – MOS Managed Outsourced Services

A 3rd party company that can:

  • Find and assess potential suppliers capable of working together across time zones
  • Mix and match experts from various companies to form an ideal team e.g. the best mobile app development company and a great web company plus an expert in security penetration testing, combined with a party to project manage and oversee the entire solution
  • Provide a single invoice back to the buyer
  • Have a standardised set of tools and services to be used between all the suppliers, to accelerate and simplify procedures
  • A background and experience in software development

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No. 3 – MIS Managed In-house / Hybrid Services

A 3rd party or service,  possibly an  in-house department that can assemble and create a temporary team using a mix of permanent staff, local contractors, remote contractors and individuals from remote suppliers.

No. 4 – Enhanced Collaboration Tools

New 3rd party tools to take collaboration for specialised areas to the next level.

Virtual rooms for emulation of the office experience

  • Multiple whiteboards
  • Assisted pens to allow quick and fast drawing that can be auto enhanced in real time (standardises written text to a font)
  • Supporting information, virtual filing cabinets for relevant meeting documents
  • Access to old meeting notes and minutes
  • A virtual assistant to manage and search previous documents duirng the meeting
  • A virtual assistance to guide the meeting with regards to times and objectives
  • 3D spatial sound and audio (building on ideas and headsets from the gaming sector)
  • New use of the mouse to look around and zoom in and out on whiteboards, people in the room, documents on the desk, or the virtual office window
  • Improved audio to remove background noise covering PTT push to talk, real time sub-titles, DSP algorithms to remove background noise
  • Windows to show the outside world (background goes dark at end of day), and remind users of the time of day, virtual clocks
  • Health and wellness reminders,  include corporate policy, legal rules and health guidance – remind the meeting participants to take a break after 90 minutes
  • Enhanced existing tools from main stream providers that start to include upgraded features from  niche and smaller providers.

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No. 5 – Accelerated and Automated Remote Screening and Hiring of Staff

 Connecting and upgrading existing tool sets to make a unified HR and recruitment system which could offer:

  • Automated tools to advertise and screen candidates through a global marketplace
  • Basic skills tests online
  • Verification of experience and qualifications
  • Team working skills tested and appraised in online exercises
  • Automated selection of meeting dates and times to suit both parties
  • Video calling and interviews
  • Automated scoring and ranking of candidates
  • Automated offers with relevant paperwork
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Summary of My Five Predictions for 2021 on Software Resourcing Metamorphosis 

So here is the summary of 2021 software resourcing metamorphosis predictions from the soothsayers apprentice:

  1. HOaaS – Home onboarding as a service
  2. MOS – Managed outsourcing as a service
  3. MIS – Managed insourcing as a service
  4. Improved collaboration tools
  5. Accelerated Remote hire and screen


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  • Brian Bolam
    6 January 2021

    Very interesting and insightful review/forecast. I have forwarded this to our CTO.

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